Monday, May 11, 2009


Deborah, Tam David and I went this evening to the City Hall to support our pool.

More than 200 hundred local people attended the AGM of St Davids Community Council, an open meeting held at 6:45.

A historical record.

Young ad old, children and parents, holidaymakers, pensioners, lifeguards... and all of us upset, and very disappointed by the poor and passive reaction of the City Council, unable to lobby the County Council. The popular reaction shows that this community is going to fight until a new pool is build.

Here there are some pictures from the meeting, inside and outside the City Hall.


BBC News reports:

Campaigners claim a decision to close a swimming pool in Pembrokeshire will leave fewer children able to swim.

They have urged the county's cabinet to reconsider its decision to replace the pool at St David's with a sports hall.

Two protests are now planned with organisers warning closing it will endanger the lives of youngsters.

The council said campaigners had failed to deliver "sustainable or deliverable" plans to keep it open and Pembrokeshire was well served by six swimming pools.

Andy Dixon of the St Davids Community Pool Group said: "We strongly believe that closing the pool will lead to a dangerous situation for local children on this peninsula, which is surrounded by the sea.

"They need to be competent swimmers. The decision to close the pool will endanger lives."

He said the pool, which was built in 1975, was partly funded through public donations as a response to a spate of drownings in the water around the coastline.