Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today, around 70 soldiers of the 245 Squadron 14th Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare) who spent six months in Afghanistan tuning in to Taliban groups, marched through the streets of St. Davids.

The 14th Signal Regiment was formed in 1959 from the United Kingdom Commonwealth Communications Army Network Signal Regiment, taking on the responsibility for world-wide communications on behalf of the British Army.

The Regiment has been honoured with the Freedom of St Davids since 1997.

The regiment, based at Brady, near Haverfordwest, was welcomed by a big crowd.

The Band of the Royal Corps of Signals marched, too.

These are images from today's parade.

They were presented with medals by the mayor of St Davids, Councillor Stephanie Halse.

Miss Wales attended the celebration congratulating the soldiers.

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