Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today's Evening Prayer in Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King was sung by the visiting Boys' Choir of St David's Cathedral.

The Metropolitan Cathedral's Director of Music, Tim Noon, worked in St. Davids before coming to Liverpool.

Tomorrow at 12noon they will conduct an informal concert.

The children and some of the parents lead by the Organist and Master of the Choristers Mr. Alexander Mason left yesterday in a bus.

Deborah told me that today's Evening Song went very well and the Choir did a great job.

In its web page they explain that since 1958 choir of men's voices was formed by Canon Edward Murphy to sing in the Crypt.

In 1960 a Boys' Choir was established under the direction of Christopher Symons and amalgamated with the Men's Choir.

Since then music has been at the heart of the worship in the Metropolitan Cathedral.

The original Choir School was The Gables in Woolton.

In 1974 St Edward's College became the Choir School.

Today, the Cathedral Music Department is responsible for providing music at ten services every week in term time, plus numerous extra services when called upon to mark a particular occasion.

This work is shared between the Cathedral's four choirs and four organists under the guidance of the Director of Music.

(In the picture, the choir of Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral)

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